All of my favorite things!

Art blogs and newsletters that I rarely miss reading

Kelly Rae Roberts
Kelly’s blogs/newsletters make you feel like you are friends. I’ve enjoyed following her journey to expanding her entrepreneurial art business, from being a full time social worker just 10 years ago.

Jessica Swift
I love following Jessica’s artistic journey, which feels authentic and approachable. Its fun to she her art posted as its in the process of being created.

Austin Kleon
Each week Austin (author of Steal like an artist and Show your work) sends out a newsletter with the top 10 things he found interesting, which I always find fascinating. His links pull me in and 30 minutes later I have to drag myself back out. But always fun.

Crystal Moody
I love Crystal’s inspiring message focused on doing art everyday, no matter what, and what its really like to be a working artist.  Her 365 day project inspired my 30 day challenge to get up at 5am.

Mr. Money Mustache
Ok, this isn’t an art site, but it has inspired me to simplify and prioritize my life, which starts with my finances. Love his philosophy of retiring early (before age 30) by making daily financial choices around what matters most.

I love my Song in your heart collage. I immediately framed it and hung it in my studio. I can’t stop looking at it!” -Sharon – New York

Artists that inspire my art and art business

Lisa Congdon
Love Lisa’s simple, yet beautiful style, as well as her generous spirit with all she shares in her courses and website.

Kelly Rae Roberts
Ok, I know I’ve listed her twice, but she deserves a double shout out. Kelly is a shining star for other artists following in her inspiring footsteps.

Lilla Rogers
Check out this agent’s website for tons of free resources for learning to license your art. Love the free videos, and am looking forward to taking one of her on-line courses in the future.

Emily Jeffords
One of the inspirations for my website, as well as for the way she markets her art.

Flora Bowley
LOVE Flora’s work, and her message to intuitively create art. Check out her on-line painting course, which I’m about to take myself.

Maggie Taylor
Oh my goodness yummy art. Absolutely love Maggies’ work. I took an art class from her years ago in Santa Fe, which forever changed my work.

Claudine Hellmuth
I took a workshop with this dear soul as well. Amazing how many artists were inspired by her, including Kelly Rae Roberts.

Jonathan Talbot
I took a collage workshop with this fab artist a decade ago – amazing experience. He taught me to tell a story, not a novel, with each collage. Made a major difference in how I approached my work.

Anahata Katkin
I have collected so many of this artist’s cards as inspiration for future collages of my own. The very successful business she has created in a very short amount of time is simply amazing.

Dolan Geiman
This artist’s work is so full of energy and out of the box thinking, and is truly an inspiration for my own. I love the way he has turned collage into an art form that companies want to commission to represent their businesses.

Judy Paul
This artist does such amazing collages, and are an inspiration for my work as well.

Art coaches that have made a difference in my life

Cory Huff
Cory offers online courses focused on social media for artists, which gave me the courage to jump into Facebook and Instagram. I also use Cory as a personal art coach and am blown away each time we talk. Well worth the money!

Allyson Stanfield
I have taken courses from this inspiring soul, and will most likely take more in the future.

One of my favorites pieces of art that I own is the one I purchased from you a few years ago in Venice, Florida, entitled, What I seek now seeks me. I am proud to be the owner of the original of this piece of art.” – Jerry – Florida

Books that have supported my art biz

steallikeanartistshowyourworkSteal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. Wonderful quick and inspirational reads about how to get your work out there. Devoured each of them in a couple hours, and each left me feeling high and ready to put my work out into the world.
Flying Lessons (ebook) by Kelly Rae Roberts
Wonderful how-to book for artists that want to follow in Kelly’s successful steps. Full of practical tips.
artincArt Inc. by Lisa Congdon
Great beginning how-to art biz book, chalk full of useful ideas to get an art biz started.
dailyritualsDaily Rituals by Mason Currey
When I was getting ready to start my own daily art ritual, I devoured this book for ideas on how to have a day gig and an art biz. Didn’t even get half way through before I knew what I needed to do.
birdbybirdBird by Bird by Anne Lamott
One of the first artist inspiration books I ever read, that I still quote today. Love her philosophy that you often have to start creating “shitty” art in order to get to the good stuff. This is what I often say to myself when I’m frozen and afraid that what I’m creating isn’t “good” enough to sell. My intention everyday is to “make shitty art”, and see where it takes me, which often ends up with something extraordinary.

Fav art resources

What I cut paper with:
MSscissorsPrimarily use these Martha Stewart Scissors – All purpose
xactoFor small holes and corners, I use a regular ole X-Acto knife
selfhealingmatWhen cutting with an exacto knife, a self-healing mat is a must!
epsonstylusBest printer, ever – Epson Stylus Pro 3800
Expensive, but worth EVERY penny if you want to create large archival prints. Ink isn’t cheap ($60 for each color cartridge) but much cheaper to operate than a Epson 2200 with smaller ink cartridges, which is the printer I started with.
epsonpaperMost of my prints and originals are printed onto Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper — archival quality of course!
Epson Perfection V33 Scanner – All of my collage elements get scanned using this wonderful gadget, although there is now an updated version, the V37.
I truly love using Photoshop to create my 3-D collages. I have taken many tutorial classes on how to use this program through – over the top amazing resource, that I continually go back to learn new Photoshop techniques.
Computer – I use an iMac with a 25” screen when I’m in my home studio. For travel, my handy MacBook Pro turns any hotel room in an art studio.
Dropbox – This is an essential service for doing art on the road, allowing me to save my art to Dropbox when at home, and then pick it up on my laptop when working from a hotel room, or Starbucks, where I’m a frequent flyer!

“I love browsing through Catherine’s art. When I saw “Begin Again,” it was so timely to the situation I was in and so inspiring, that I felt compelled to buy it for my office. There are so many symbolic visuals I found in this collage that spoke to me, starting with the outer curtains drawn back implying intimacy and a “peak” into this world of the two people’s relationships. I think about … these things when I look at this piece, and it makes me smile, reminding me of its significance to my own complex, multidimensional relationship to my fiancé. You continue to be an inspiration for me to keep working on my own art!” – Melissa – Charleston, SC

Favorite magazines to rip up for collage material

Architectural Digest
Coastal Living
House Beautiful
Travel and Leisure
Real Simple
Martha Stewart Living
Plus any other magazine I can find that has high gloss photos. I never bother with magazines like People, Lady’s Home Journal or US. I also have a large library of old art, map, plant books that I get pictures from.

My website

Designed by the oh so talented Evan Leah Quinn with SixteenJuly. She also designed for Kelly Rae Roberts, which is how I found her.

Photography is mostly by Em Grey, who specializes in branding women entrepreneurs. Totally over the top pro – a lucky find, thanks to Evan!

Site is hosted by Site5 and runs on WordPress.

Mailing list is managed through Mailchimp, which gives you up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month for free (I look forward to upgrading to the fee-based service because I have 2001+ subscribers!)

Other non-art Favorites

Books that feed my soul

surrenderexperimentThe Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
My new favorite book, one that has finally gotten me to implement the ideas in my second favorite book, listed next!
untetheredcoverThe Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
I’ve read this at least 7 times, and am reading it again! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and how it has quieted my mind, and showed me how to live in my higher self more often than not.
anewearthThe New Earth by Eckerd Tolle
Was my favorite book for many years, until replaced by the above. Sorry Eckerd, I still love your book too.
thepowerofnowstillnessspeaksPracticing the Power of Now and Stillness Speaks by Eckerd Tolle
Condensed versions of Eckerd Tolle’s philosophy that I have read MANY times, and given as a gift to most of my friends.
lovingwhatisLoving What Is by Byron Katie
Love her practical way of working through negative thoughts by accepting everything as a blessing. Participated in a 9-day retreat with her that healed my wounded soul.
creativevisualizationCreative Visualization by Shatki Gawain
A most beloved book by one of my first spiritual teachers. After reading this, I manifested the most amazing day gig, and then did it again 10 years later.
outnonalimbOut on a Limb by Shirley MacLaine
The book that literally woke me up and began my life long spiritual journey when I was 25.

One of my very favorite things, and part of my morning ritual

5yeardiaryMy 5 Year Diary I write in this EVERY day. So much fun to look back at what I was doing 2 years ago while I’m writing what just happened yesterday. Sweet and easy way to track my personal growth.

Some of my very favorite fiction reads

These are the ones that I recommend to a good friend when she/he is looking for a sure fire winner. Therefore, the book has to knock my socks off to make this selective list, and I’m always looking for ones to add.

islandbenaththeseaIsland Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende
memoirsofageishaMemoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
belcantoBel Canto by Ann Patchett
eatprayloveEat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
spendingSpending by Mary Gordan (cool novel about an artist)
glasscastleThe Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Other books I’ve read in the past couple years that were good, but are not quite good enough to make my absolute favorites list above.

orchardistThe Orchardist by Amanda Coplin
mayasnotebookMaya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende
lightintheruinsThe Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjanlian

What fiction am I reading right NOW?

Lost HorizonLost Horizon
by James Hilton


Favorite U.S. cities

When I meet people on the road, I’m often asked where I like to travel to the most. I haven’t been everywhere in our blessed country, but I’ve visited most major cities for my day gig. From the last 10 years of business adventures, here are my favorites:

Top Three:
New York City
South Beach Miami (closest thing to Europe in the U.S.)
Chicago (my darlin’s home town)

Other places I LOVE to travel to:
Paris (not U.S. obviously, but over the top amazing)
Madison, WI
Ann Arbor, MI
Boston, MA
Washington, D.C. (where I grew up)
San Diego
Santa Fe
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA

Cities get added to this list all the time as I discover a new treasure, or find a reason to love a city that I’ve been too many times but had under appreciated in the past.

Clothing brands that fill my closest

Lucky, Ann Taylor/Loft, Banana Republic, Max Studio, Free People
In addition to any cool bargain that can be found on sale or at TJMaxx, where I love spending hours hunting for “hidden treasures”, similar to how I search for collage material in magazines!

Now you know more about me than even my family does!

Anything I missed?
Feel free to send me an email. Would love to connect and find out about you too!