I’m happy to share my sweet heaven on earth with you. Come on in…

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My home studio is my heaven on earth. Just walking into this sunny room makes my heart open, and my body sigh. If I could spend every minute of every day in this sweet sunny space, I would. But alas, my art studio is often a hotel room anywhere from New York City to San Diego. When I am home, I am eager to enter this scared space each morning to begin working with one of the many collages that I am in the process of creating. And before I know it, many hours have passed, and I don’t ever want to stop playing with the collage before me. During these moments of bliss, I KNOW this is my calling, what I’m meant to be doing with this precious life.

Inspiration wall

Brave Step inspires me every time I pass it hanging in my living room. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating this beautiful 3-D for my husband and me.” – Christie – New York, New York

My sacred space


Your collage Leap of Faith speaks to me of many aspects of personal growth: Holding our torch high, learning to move toward through the passage with confidence even though we may be moving alone, and that the Earth herself will support strides that invite health and balance. And besides, the work is just beautiful. “ – Kate – Colorado

works in progress