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Cloth Paper Scissors

Article feature January 2018!


The Creativity Habit podcast interview

This is the full story of how I went from making art while working, to becoming a full-time artist, to getting breast cancer, then divorced, returning back to work, and eventually becoming, once again, a full-time artist.  In this interview, we discuss…
  • How I went from “not having an artistic bone in my body”, to art becoming my life’s calling

  • The 3 core things I focused on while building my art business and working full-time

  • My daily routine: how I made art every day, mostly from hotel rooms while traveling for my day gig

  • The exact phrase and rituals I used to manifest my dream job

  • How I KNEW this was the time to finally quit my job


Courage and Clarity podcast interview

How To Stop Fighting Against Your Life & Fall In Love With It Instead

  • How to stop fighting AGAINST your circumstances, and instead learn to work WITH them
  • A few precise mantras to help you stop dwelling in “tomorrow”, “what if”, “if only” & “someday”
  • How Catherine used this mindset shift to go from hating her job, to loving it so much she cried when her dream job came along
  • How Catherine was able to believe that cancer & divorce were amazing gifts, even as they were happening to her.


Coming back  podcast interview

Catherine Rains faced a triple-whammy of devastation—breast cancer, a divorce, and being pulled away from her beloved art. We’re talking about the mindsets she used to come back from her losses and the inspiration she draws from life’s happenings to create beautiful Instagram-famous collage art.


Luscious Living podcast interview

Igniting Your Creative Passion.  Topics include:

  • How Catherine balances a full-time “day gig” with her full-time artistic endeavors while growing a thriving Instagram community “on the side”.
  • The difference between “doing a job” and “having a calling”.
  • How her love for Instagram has turned her into a true influencer, spreading her message to a world-wide audience.
  • What Catherine’s morning routine looks like and the tools she uses to stay on track.
  • A behind the scenes look into how traveling for work has pushed her to think outside the box and proven that no matter what the challenge there is always an answer, not an excuse, if you are willing to get a little creative.