Print vs. Original (Awakening Collection)

Difference between Art Prints and Original 3-D Collages


What they have in common

  • Well, they are obviously the same collage design!
  • Both are printed using archival, pigmented ink on archival paper, rated to last 120-200 years without fading.
  • Both will have Catherine’s signature and the collage title hand-written underneath the collage.


How are they are different

Original 3-Ds

  • Large 3-D’s – almost every collage element is individually hand cut and the white edges hand inked. Each element is then dimensionalized one piece at a time using either silicone or foam core. The Large 3-D’s have much more 3-dimensional detail than the Small 3-D’s.
  • Small 3-D’s – the individual collage elements are grouped together so that fewer individual images are hand cut and raised 3-D, while still giving it the overall dimensional look of the Large 3-D. The white edges are also hand inked and raised in groupings using either silicone or foam core.
  • Many images on both the Large and Small 3-D’s are hand embellished with ink, acrylics and microscopic glitter, making them “pop” off the page.
  • Learn more about how 3-D collages are created over many months and why each collage in the edition is an original, unique piece of art.

Art Prints

  • Capture the dimensional shadows of the Original 3-D, giving it a similar look to the original artwork, while actually being a “flat” print.
  • Sized and custom trimmed with white space around the image to create the illusion of a mat, allowing for a standard size frame without a mat.