What does “midlife” mean to you?

May 07, 2018

My friend Peter Fritz from the Midlife Tribe recently asked me about my journey through midlife for his inspiring podcast, asking me many profound questions, including this gem:

What advice would I offer someone who felt lost, unfulfilled and shackled by their circumstances?
My response….

Feeling lost is a sign that I need to dive deep into my soul and profoundly listen to what the sorrow is teaching me. However, rather than leave my current circumstances because I feel miserable, it’s always worked best for me to relax into where I am with deep appreciation and acceptance, especially when I don’t like the scenery before me.

It’s only by loving where I currently am that I find a better place to stand.

So odd to be asked about my experience of “midlife” since I have never related to this term as it relates to myself.

In fact, I relate to myself as if I’m in my 30’s or young 40’s, rather than my biological age of 58. “Middle-aged” simply does not describe who I really am –

a vibrant and continually growing soul.


He also asked me….

Did you suffer a “midlife crisis”? (hell yes!)
What’s a tactic you’ve used to gain more control over your life?
What’s a limiting belief have you abandoned in the last 12 months?
After 40, what event, decision or perceived risk was pivotal for you?


To listen or read the rest of my answers to his mind opening questions, click here!



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